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You've probably noticed by now that your vision tends to change as life marches on. But with the proper treatment from Shear and Freeman Eye Care, you can keep your vision as sharp as ever. Worried about cost? We work with most insurance plans.

Eye Surgeries

Failing vision diagnostics and corrective procedures

When you trust your eyes to Shear and Freeman Eye Care, you'll get the best treatment from skilled physicians. Not limited to just conducting routine exams, when they find a problem, they usually can fix it themselves — affordably, and on an outpatient basis.

In business since 1979.


Your Solution to Eye Problems Will be Clear on Your First Visit

  • Cataract procedures

  • Lens implants

  • Laser procedures

  • A-scans

  • Chalazion (lid lesion) treatment

  • Minor in-office procedures

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