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Imagine a day without seeing. You couldn't drive, operate your smart phone, or watch a movie. Worst of all, you couldn't see the smiles on the faces of your family. That's how important vision is. Protect it with thorough and regular checkups.

While an eye exam may not be your favorite activity, Shear and Freeman Eye Care works hard to make your visit both worthwhile and pleasant. From the moment you walk through the door, our friendly staff treats you like family.  We do diabetic eye exams, see glaucoma patients and dry eye patients.

  • Contact lens prescription and fitting

  • Prescriptions for eyeglasses

  • Urgent care (conjunctivitis, eye pain, and eye injury treatments)

  • Basic vision exams

  • Retinal photos

  • Problems with reflections

  • Eye dilation and scans

  • Special exams for diabetics

  • Glaucoma testing

You'll See Great Results From Early Detection and Treatment